Ben Noble, who plays Corey in this one man show, delivers a brilliant, raw performance with his gut-wrenching script. He evokes a broad range of characters, many of them recognisable as archetypes and deftly held back from becoming stereotypes.
— Foyer Talk (MEMBER)
Ben Noble plays a multitude of characters in MEMBER and he does so brilliantly. The women are as detailed as the men, the haters have intelligent interpretation not just surface aggression and each person is finely delineated.

The physical shift between characters can be slight: a facial expression pulled by a teeth grind or a hands held stiffly at the sides mannerism, however the voice is where Noble’s skill really shines. It’s not just pitch, Noble utilises all the elements of speech.

Noble incorporates a speed change, a personalised rhythm or tone colour and for one of the women, a slight stuttering way of expressing herself.
— Sydney Arts Guide (MEMBER)
Noble’s writing is punchy, poetic and descriptive and it is woven into a tight, one-hour piece that barrels along leaving me feeling almost winded as it ends.
— Weekend Notes (MEMBER)
master storyteller Ben Noble
— Pixie's Pix (MEMBER)
Ben Noble delivers a stunning performance
Noble’s performance is compelling and passionate.
— Theatre Red (MEMBER)
Noble “elevates this simplest of theatrical forms, the one man show, to an art that is hard to beat”
— Suzy Goes See (MEMBER)
Noble nails it
— Adelaide Advertiser (RATON LAVEUR)
riotously funny and must not be missed! Ben Noble excels
Ben Noble is a wonder
— Buzzcuts (THE RECKONING)
one of the top emerging artists to watch out for
— MX Newspaper, Melbourne
Slick, stylish and bold. It is refreshing to see a young writer stretching the theatrical medium
— The Royal Court London
powerful and provocative and a transfixing presence
— John Bailey, Beat Magazine (Phaedra's Love)
it’s a production worth seeing; the principles are fine, with Noble outstanding.
— Bill Perrett, The Sunday Age (Phaedra's Love)
unnerving and totally absorbing. Bravo
— The Barefoot Review (THE RECKONING)
A complex psychological drama... with strong performances. interrogation pushes the boundaries of the fringe
— Kevin Hill, Eye Weekly, Canada (interrogation)
interrogation is a much darker play... and makes compelling theatre. Noble is clearly a startling and intelligent talent.. with the power of (his) performance and the intelligence of his writing
— Alison Croggon, TheatreNotes
interrogation is a tense pyschological drama. Writer and lead actor, Ben Noble is at his best in this demanding role. A must see.
— Donna Gee, The More the Merrier CIUT FM, Canada
Riverland Youth Theatre creates some marvellous works... thanks to a creative script by Ben Noble, Gemma Sneddon & Alysha Hermann... education and well written
— Rod Lewis, The Theatre Guide, Adelaide (HOONS)